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Cutting Paper. The site provides all sorts of practice information about reducing the amount of paper you use.

Global Futures, Future 500. Future 500 is a network of innovative leaders in business, technology, science, academia, and the environmental community. Their objective is to achieve a fourfold improvement in the way we use resources: energy, materials, purchases, labor, and capital.

Indiana Institute on Recycling 500. The site features more than 80 waste reduction case studies from around the country, and for each of them it gives contact names and numbers, a summary, the actions taken, and payback or benefits.

Materials Exchanges links. Links to exchanges nationwide on the Reuse Website of the Integrated Waste Management Board. 

The Smart Office Resource Center. SORC explains the high costs behind inefficient and toxic buildings; offers examples of companies that have used smarter designs or materials in renovating or building new; provides information on more efficient building design, office equipment; discusses how to set up helpful recycling and telecommuting programs; lists sources for healthier carpets, paints, and office supplies; and provides links to some interesting and helpful sites.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Business and Industry Resources. The site covers small business information, programs, descriptions, publications, and more available from U.S. EPA.

Waste Wi$e. The Waste Wi$e program is a voluntary partnership between the Environmental Protection Agency and businesses, designed to reduce municipal solid waste and save businesses money.


Composting and Vermicomposting (Worms)

Master Composter. Site provides complete instructions for home composting.

Urban Agricultural Notes by City Farmer. Has lot of links to other sites. By Canada's Office of Urban Agriculture, Vancouver, BC.

Worm World. Watch video of a worm giving birth at this interactive site all about worms. It's part of the "yuckiest site on the Internet" from New Jersey Online. Oriented toward education, it has a lot of attention-getting graphics, sounds, and video.



US State Recycling Policies National Directory of Computer Recycling Programs. Lists national and local organizations that distribute or wish to receive used computers.

Computer and Electronics Waste Reduction



Consumer Recycling Guide. A starting  point for consumers in the USA and Canada searching for recycling information. Targets regular folks with regular household quantities of materials to recycle.

Environmental Protection Agency Citizen Information. A variety of environmental information targeting the average person.

Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation. Find the nearest recycling location for nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries by clicking on "Ni-Cd Drop-Off Locations" and giving the name of your city or zip code.

Reducing Junk Mail. The site has a fact sheet with detailed information about how to receive less unwanted mail.

Reduce Waste. Tips from the Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance.

United States Environmental/Recycling Hotline. Type in your zip code and learn where to take reusable and recyclable materials in your area.

Use Less Stuff Report. A bimonthly newsletter created to help people conserve resources and reduce waste by "using less stuff," courtesy of Partners for Environmental Progress.



Profiting from Source Reduction: Measuring Hidden Benefits. Report to Alameda County Source Reduction and Recycling Board demonstrates source reduction measurement and benefits to business and government. Four tools are presented: (1) basic source reduction cost analysis, (2) productivity modeling, (3) resource productivity, and (4) waste intensity.


Pollution Prevention

Waste Reduction Resource Center. The Waste Reduction Resource Center (WRRC) provides technical Pollution Prevention (P2) support to the states in EPA Region III and EPA Region IV. You'll find a searchable index of over 13,000 technical articles, factsheets, and case studies about waste reduction technologies, many of which can be viewed on line.


Waste Coordinators

Californians Against Waste. Information on recycling legislation in California and links to other environmental sites.

Cornell Waste Management Institute. The institute serves the public through research, outreach, training, and technical assistance programs in solid waste disposal, management, and planning. The site includes project summaries and a resource catalog.

Environmental Protection Agency. Source for environmental information, publications, and legislation.

Global Recycling Network. A marketplace for the recycling industry, with commodity prices, reference library, events calendar, and more.

Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR). A nonprofit research and educational organization that provides technical assistance and information on environmentally sound economic development strategies. Since 1974, ILSR has worked with citizen groups, governments and private businesses in developing policies that extract the maximum value from local resources.

National Waste Prevention Coalition. A site with lots of waste prevention information and links. Also, learn about the activities of the National Waste Prevention Coalition.

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The recycling homepage for the state of Pennsylvania. Includes fact sheets on popular topics and information about the state's recycling coordination efforts.

Recycler's World. Worldwide trading site for information related to secondary or recyclable commodities, by-products, used and surplus items, or materials (from batteries and computers to plastics and textiles).

Recycling Laws International. Source for recycling industry news and analysis from Raymond Communications. Primary information source is a commercial hardcopy newsletter.

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